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Hey names JAWSH! :) My lifes awesome and i shall spread some of that awesome to you through this here tumblr! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Best girlfriend ever(all be jealous :P) ; No free time; loads of school work yet i still have time for all the best things in tv and film and generally anything awesome XD Im planning on giving up on the ye old fandom malarcky so dont be surprised if I go very random! :P and curse you for wasting your time reading this pointless bio when you could be going to activity world or helping me make headway in making actual iron man suits If its broken hit it with a fish! WARNING SHARKS MAY BITE AND SAM AND DEAN ARE NOT HELPFUL! But chocolate and a force field and you should be fine ;) If in doubt Listen to barney! ASK ME ANYTHING! and suggestions are welcomed :D i wont bite, unless there's a zombie Apocalypse and then if im a zombie.... good luck mwhahaha ;)
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